Banners Arriving in Kerbala from Every Corner of the World

"O' Hussein" banner
Despite the long distances, whether that might affect the banner holder, but those adorers' concern was to arrive in Kerbala with their banners of Imam Hussein (PBUH) fluttering.

Banners to express the grievance of the Imam Hussein and his brother El-Abbas (PBUT). Such banner shall remain fluttering until the reappearance of the Imam El-Mehdi (PBUH).

As lady Zaineb –the sister of Imam Hussein said to Imam Es-Sejjad (PBUT), "People who would emplace a banner on the grave of your father -Imam Hussein (PBUH), he shall be remembered forever, and even if all tyrants gather to efface it, it shall be instilled more in people and sublime."
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