Good quality fertilizers are effective solutions to counter the impact of weather fluctuations on crops

Khair Al-Joud Company for Modern Agriculture Technology and Industry revealed the effect of its fertilizer products on vegetable crops, in light of the sharp drop in temperatures and reaching the stage of frost, which would cause damage to plants in general.

The supervising engineer at Khair Al-Joud Company, Reda Hussein Sultan, said: "During the current winter, the governorates of Iraq are witnessing a severe cold wave, which has reached in most areas to the point of freezing, including the holy city of Karbala, which has been significantly reflected on the vegetable crops in all farms, including the test station of Khair Al-Joud Company, but with little impact compared to other farms, where the percentage of damage increased to more than 50% in relation to the fruits and plants in general."

He added, "The fertilizer compositions manufactured by Khair Al-Joud Company were able to significantly reduce the damages to the crops inside the station, after the plants were provided with the stimulating elements contained within the fertilizer compositions, including amino acids, marine algae (Max 30) and high potash, as well as fertilizer (Cold Advantages), and the results during the past cold days were positive and free of harm.”

Sultan stressed that "work during this cold wave was not limited to providing crops with fertilizers, but was accompanied by a series of measures, including the release of large batches of water, for the purpose of irrigation, which helps provide the plant with nutrients, which contribute to strengthening its defenses in the face of frost, in addition to sealing the doors of the greenhouse."

It is noteworthy that the fertilizer formulations of Khair Al-Joud Company have proven their efficiency on the ground, which has contributed significantly to addressing many of the problems faced by agricultural wealth throughout the cities of Iraq.
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