On the 20th of Jumada II: The earth has bloomed with the light of Fatima (peace be upon her)

Fatima Az-Zahra (peace be upon her) was born in the twentieth of Jumada Al-Thaniya of the fifth year of the mission [bi'thah], the Holy Prophet (Allah's prayers be upon him and his holy Household) was then forty five years old. She (peace be upon her) lived then eight years in Mecca and ten years in Medina.

One of the miracles of Lady Fatima is: When Khadija was pregnant with Fatima, Fatima used to speak to her mother from her mother's womb Khadija kept this secret from the Prophet. One day the Prophet found Khadija talking to someone though there was no one around in the house. He therefore asked her about it. She replied, 'The one who is in my womb speaks with me’.

Then the Prophet said, "Be happy Oh! Khadija. For the one in Your womb is a pure blessed girl who will, by command of Allah be the Mother of the Imams of my progeny, whom God will make the successors on earth after the end of his revelation."

When Khadija was about to deliver, she sent for the Quraysh women to help her give birth to her child. They refused and said: 'We will not help you; for you became Mohammad's wife.'

In the meantime, four women entered the house; their beauty and brilliance cannot be described. One of them said: 'Do not be sad, O Khadija, we are sent by God to you, and we are your sisters, I am Sarah (Abraham's wife), and this is Assiah bint Muzahim (wife of Pharaoh) and your companion in paradise, and this is Mariam daughter of Imran (Isa's mother), and this is Kulthum sister of Musa Ibn Imran. We have come to deliver your child. So one sit at her right, the other on her left, the third in front of her and the fourth at her back. Fatima was then born pure and purified.

When Fatima fell on the ground, she was in a prostration position [sajdah] and her light enlightened all the houses of Mecca, and there was no place on earth neither in east or in west, unless it shone with her light.

Then, ten virgins [Al-hour Al-Een] entered, each of them has a basin and jug from paradise, the pitcher has the water of Al-Kawthar, so the woman in front of Lady Khadija (peace be upon her) washed her with it, and took two pieces of white cloth, more white than milk, with a better perfume than musk and amber, and covered her with them. then asked her to speak, and Lady Fatima (peace be upon her) said: “I bear witness that there is no God but Allah, that my father is the Messenger of Allah and the master of the prophets, that my husband is the master of guardians and that my sons are the masters of all grandchildren.”

Then the women told Lady Khadija (peace be upon her): "Take her pure, purified, venerated and auspicious, she and her progeny are blessed." So she took her happy and delighted, and gave her her nipples to feed her.

Fatima (peace be upon her) grew in a day like other grow in a month, and grew in a month like others grow in a year.

With her birth, a new light has shined to the face of the whole humanity, it was the moment when the Mohammadian light embodied in the face of Lady Az-Zahra (peace be upon her) has bloomed to shut down the hatred tongues who have described the holy Prophet (prayers and Allah's peace be upon him and his holy Household) of not having a progeny, themselves will remain childless, so the Almighty God has enlightened earth with her light and revealed the "Kawthar" [abundant value]. She is the Lady of all women from the first until the last, she is the mother of the Hasanayn, the wife of the Commander of the Faithful and the mother of her father, she is the pure, the immaculate Lady Fatima Az-Zahra (peace be upon her).
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