Resection of a tumor from the larynx of a patient by laser technique at Al-Kafeel Network

A medical team at Al-Kafeel Super Speciality Hospital of the al-Abbas's (p) Holy Shrine announced that it had succeeded in removing a tumor from the throat of a fifty-year-old patient with laser technology.
"We recently succeeded in removing a tumor from the larynx of a 54-year-old patient from Dhi Qar Governorate," said Dr. Nadhem Omran, an ENT specialist, noting that "the operation was performed using laser technology."
Omran explained that “laser technology obviates the traditional method of removing the affected organ, in addition to avoiding collateral damage,” pointing out that “the presence of modern technologies and devices in Al-Kafeel Hospital, from the operating theaters and accurate and rapid laboratory examination results, helped in the success of the operation."
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