Arab & Foreign Processions Serve Pilgrims in the Imam Hussein's 40th Memorial

An Arab serving procession
So many people from all over the world attend as individuals or processions to serve pilgrims of Imam Hussein (PBUH). This year witnessed so many processions from Arab and foreign countries participating in terms of serving pilgrims of Imam Hussein (PBUH).

Some people from Bahrain said that they came to take part with the whole world in commemorating the Imam Hussein's 40th memorial and serving pilgrims of Imam Hussein (PBUH).

Arab communities live in Sweden formed a great procession in order to serve pilgrims in Kerbala. They also said that commemorating the rituals of the Imam Hussein (PBUH) is now common in the European countries, and it was the eighth year for them to come to Kerbala successively.
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