The Kufa and Al-Kafeel Universities sign a joint cooperation agreement

The Kufa University and the Al-Kafeel University, affiliated to the Education and Higher Education Authority at the al-Abbas's (p) holy shrine, concluded a scientific agreement for cooperation in the academic, research, training and development fields, strengthening relations and exchanging experiences between the two sides, in the fields of training, education, skills development and dissemination of research.
The President of Al-Kafeel University, Prof. Nawras al-Dahan, visited the University of Kufa, and met with its President, Prof. Yasser Lafta Hassoun, this Tuesday morning, in the presence of the assistant presidents of the two universities and a number of deans of their faculties.
The signed agreement included many articles, all of which serve the scientific process and scientific research, such as coordinating scientific and academic programs and experiences between the two parties, through courses, workshops and conferences.
It also included the exchange of professors from faculty members and researchers from both universities, hosting teachers from different specializations, strengthening cooperation and conducting joint scientific research in different disciplines, in addition to participating in events and activities such as seminars, conferences and training, as well as exchanging administrative experiences.
In turn, the President of the University of Kufa, during the signing of the agreement, stated that "This is a good step between the two universities and a consolidation of what preceded it, and we will work to activate its provisions in a manner that serves both sides, because the University of Al-Kafeel is one of the promising universities that has plans seeking to advance the scientific reality, and we have similar visions in the two universities and prior understandings that led to the signing of this agreement.”
For his part, Al-Dahan affirmed that "the agreement aims to develop scientific aspects such as holding conferences and scientific activities, and exchanging visions in joint projects that would enhance cooperation between the two universities, and serve the advancement of education in the governorate in particular and the country in general."
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