The al-Abbas's (p) holy shrine continues its preparations for the central birth celebration of Imam Ali (peace be upon him)

The al-Abbas's (p) holy shrine continues, through a number of its departments, the preparations for the central celebration of the birth of the Commander of the Faithful; Imam Ali (peace be upon him), which will be held in the square between the two Holy Shrines on Monday evening (12 Rajab 1443 AH), corresponding to the eve of the Blessed Mawlid, on February 14, 2022.

The efforts of a number of departments of the al-Abbas's (p) Holy Shrine have joined forces to hold this celebration in the most splendid and beautiful way, in a manner befitting the size and position of this occasion, under the supervision of a central committee headed by the Secretary-General of the Holy Shrine; Sayed Mustafa Dea' al-Din, with the participation of the head of the office of the Senior Official of the holy shrine; Dr. Afdhal al-Shami.

In addition to the departments of the Holy Shrine, such as the Departments of Engineering Maintenance and Construction, the Public Relations and the Media, in addition to the care of the Holy Shrine, the Square between the Two Holy Shrines, the Intellectual and Cultural Affairs, the Religious Affairs, Service Affairs, the Division of Care of the Holy Sanctuary, in addition to the Al-Kafeel Center for Advertising and Marketing, in addition to other departments.

On a related level, the Media Department of the al-Abbas's (p) Holy Shrine has prepared all its technical matters to cover the ceremony in the media, and broadcast it through its free frequency with the reception of media professionals and channels that wish to cover the celebration, in addition to its cooperation with the Religious Affairs Department, to prepare the Waleed al-Kaaba (peace be upon him) cultural competition that was announced in advance on the Al-Kafeel Global Network, and announcing the names of the winners during the celebration after sorting the correct answers and making a lottery among them.

In this regard, the staff of the Engineering Construction and Maintenance Department began to hang decorative light flyers on the perimeter of the outer wall of the Holy Shrine and the place of celebration. And in cooperation with the Media Department, they began preparing the ceremonial platform that was provided by the Al-Kafeel Center for Advertising and Marketing.

Also within the preparations, the Public Relations Department sent invitations to the delegations and dignitaries that would attend this celebration, in addition to preparing their hospitality matters. The Al-Kafeel Nursery, affiliated to the Service Affairs Department, also began preparing natural roses and ornamental trees to spread them in the courtyard between the two sanctuaries.

As well as preparing bags of sweets by the Sanctuary's care department to distribute them to the faithful to celebrate this occasion.

As well as preparing bags of ornaments by the dish care department to distribute them to the faithful to celebrate this occasion

The program of the ceremony, which was prepared by the Department of Intellectual and Cultural Affairs, will witness many activities that will celebrate the occasion in a manner that befits it.
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