Al-Kafeel religious women’s schools resume camps for university students

The Division of Al-Kafeel Women's Religious Schools of the al-Abbas's (p) Holy Shrine has resumed its activities within the scout camp (Banat al-Aqeedah) for university students, after a hiatus that lasted for more than two years as a result of the repercussions of the Corona epidemic.

The division official, Ms. Bushra al-Kinani, told Al-Kafeel Network: “The launch of this scout camp was with the reception of (92) university students from Al-Muthanna Governorate, as an integrated program was prepared for them, including a variety of cultural, family, and spiritual activities, Ziyarat of Holy Shrine, scientific workshops and ideological, religious and moral lectures, and artistic activities aimed at discovering talents, and there are competitions and sports programmes, Quranic sessions and an open dialogue session."

She added that "the program prepared for this group lasts for four days, starting by welcoming them, then giving a full explanation about the goals and purpose of this camp, in addition to introducing the role played by the al-Abbas's (p) Holy Shrine in supporting the women, starting with its departments and the services it provides."

"We hope to create a state of communication with the students, intellectually and culturally, and work to increase their knowledge, and invest time and use it in the right direction, for the benefit of the students," she added.

And she stressed that "the establishment of this camp will, God willing, be a continuation of the camps that preceded it and a complement to the success it achieved, and as a result of the turnout and interaction and the increase in the number of participants, the students were divided into several camps, to accommodate the largest possible number according to each governorate."

All matters and logistical preparations for this camp have been prepared, including halls, means of transportation, and places for residence, in addition to the experienced women's team to undertake the implementation of the activities of this program according to each axis.

It is noteworthy that the camp is one of the activities of the Al-Kafeel Women’s Religious Schools Division, which idea is to develop programs that are characterized by continuity throughout the year, in which scientific workshops are presented in various fields.
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