The Department of Rites and Processions announces its readiness to receive the visitors of mid-Sha’ban

The Department of Hussayni Rites, Processions, and bodies in Iraq and the Islamic world affiliated to the two holy shrines of Imam al-Hussayn and al-Abbas (peace be upon both of them), announced its full readiness to receive the visitors and processions of mid-Sha'ban Ziyarat, by preparing an integrated plan for this purpose to ensure the smooth flow of visitors' movement and provide them with the best services.
The head of the department, Sayed Aqeel Abdul-Hussein al-Yasiri, told Al-Kafeel Network, "The preparations for this blessed Ziyarat started early this year, and it includes several procedures, foremost of which is the issuance of legal guarantees for the processions that will participate in providing their services to visitors during the Ziyarat, because without this legal guarantee, no entry or participation is allowed foe any procession, as it is considered an identification mark for it, and this procedure is considered one of the most important measures taken by the department in cooperation with the Karbala Police Directorate.”
And he stated, “The work is in two parts, the first being organizational, and this is our responsibility, and the second is security work of the Police Directorate. And these two tasks come together to issue these guarantees, without which no procession can offer its service work, especially those that will participate within the administrative borders of Karbala governorate, or in areas and the roads leading to them.
Al-Yasiri explained that "the locations of each of these processions have been determined, and the nature of their work will be purely service, with an emphasis on adherence to the organizational and coordination recommendations issued by the department, and we will have mobile teams of our staff to follow up on the implementation of what was approved and agreed upon."
It is noteworthy that the Department of Rites is the only official body responsible for organizing and documenting the work of Hussayni bodies and processions, in terms of issuing identities and legal guarantees in cooperation with the security services.
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