Continued work on the project of the new faculties complex of Al-Ameed University

The Department of Engineering Projects at the al-Abbas's (p) Holy Shrine has announced the continuation of work on the faculties project of the New Al-Ameed University, located in the Ibrahimiya area on the (Babylon-Karbala) road, according to what was planned, designed and implemented, in line with international specifications and the requirements of the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research.
The Head of the Engineering Projects Department at the al-Abbas's (p) Holy Shrine, Engineer Diaa Majeed al-Sa'egh, stated to Al-Kafeel Network, "The cadres of the company executing the project, affiliated with the International Brigade Company, are making exceptional efforts to implement this strategic project, under the supervision and follow-up of our department's staff. This led to the continuation of the work and reaching advanced rates in the achievement within the timelines specified for it.”
He added that "all works are carried out in parallel lines distributed over most of the college buildings, as the iron structure works of the College of Medical Technologies building have reached their final stages, and they are taking a sequential method."
And he indicated that "the total area of ​​the building is (1850) square meters and contains four floors in addition to the basement floor, and each floor consists of two classrooms with amphitheater system, in addition to laboratories, administrative and service rooms. A floor was also allocated to the Deanship of the College, with all the initial installations of the systems that the building needs, such as electricity, cooling, communications, the Internet, firefighting, alarms, cameras, and other systems.”
Al-Sa'egh continued, "The work did not focus on this joint only, but there are other works in the buildings of the faculties, where the stages of digging the foundations for the buildings of the faculties of medicine and dentistry have been completed, groundwater extraction works, laying (boulder), spreading gravel layers and other soil treatments, in preparation for the initiation of special steps of its iron structure."
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