Great successes in eye surgery at Al-Kafeel Super Speciality Hospital

The Specialized Center for Ophthalmology at Al-Kafeel Super Speciality Hospital is one of the best specialized centers in Iraq, and it has achieved high success rates in this medical specialty.
The eye specialist at the hospital, Dr. Salam al-Gar'awi, stated: "The ophthalmology center in the hospital is very developed, and it is distinguished at the level of Iraq because its equipment is the latest in ophthalmology," noting that "this center is comparable to other centers in the countries of the region. And we can treat various eye diseases and injuries, and perform operations, especially those related to the retina and lens implants,” explaining that “high success rates have been achieved in the operations we have performed for hundreds of patients.”
For his part, the ophthalmologist, the Turkish doctor, Dr. Kamal Yuksel, said, "More than five hundred surgeries have been performed at this center during the last year, and we have achieved great successes in them, especially strabismus correction surgeries in which we recorded a 100% success rate," adding that "most of the operations we performed were for patients suffering from blocked tear ducts, strabismus, corneal curvature, black water, and blepharoplasty."
And Yuksel continued, "The equipment and technologies available in the ophthalmology center in the hospital are very modern, and their results are approved in all operations inside and outside Iraq," noting that "this center is among the ranks of specialized centers in developed countries, and its techniques are among the most important factors for the success of operations in it."
For his part, ophthalmologist Dr. Hussein al-Tufayli said: “Among the devices available to us is a device for knowing the number of the inner layers of the cornea, and another for examining its topography and the strength of its curvature, in addition to a device for examining the retina and optic nerve,” noting that “the center has other devices specialize in measuring intraocular pressure and the refractive power of its lens, as well as two other devices for measuring the power of the lens of the eye as well, and a sonar eye examination device."
For his part, the optometrist at the hospital, Safaa Amer Sobhi, said: “One of the most important modern devices we own is the barometric lens power meter, which is characterized by the ability to measure the power of the lens for patients with retinal detachment, who have undergone lens implants and who have silicon under their lenses."
Kadhem explained, "We have an eye catheter device in which we use fluorosine injections for retinal patients, and perhaps this device is available in very few and specific centers in Iraq, because it is used for special and rare cases of disease," noting that "our examination results are approved by doctors before performing corneal and lenses' transplants, and repair of corneas, retinal and iris injuries, oculoplastic surgery, black and white water withdrawal, and other eye operations and diseases."
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