The al-Abbas's (p) shrine continues the activities of the Forum for Documenting Extremism Crimes in Iraq

The activities of the first specialized forum, entitled (Documenting Extremist Crimes in Iraq: Its Methods, Mechanisms, Challenges), continue by holding its third research session. The forum is held by the Iraqi Center for Documentation of Extremist Crimes of the Department of Intellectual and Cultural Affairs at the al-Abbas's (p) Holy Shrine in cooperation with the Mulla Kabeer Research Center at the Koya University.
The third session was chaired by Professor Dr. Tahseen Fadel al-Aboudi from the Faculty of Arts at the University of Kufa. The session witnessed the participation of Assistant Professor Dr. Ahmad Mustafa Ali from the Center for Genocide Studies at the University of Duhok, whose research was entitled: (The Role of Punitive Policy in Reducing Terrorist Extremism).
The session was attended by Assistant Professor Dr. Abdul Razzaq Mahmoud Ibrahim from the University of Dohuk, and his research was entitled: (The Role of Universities and Scientific Research Centers in Documenting Extremism Crimes in the Kurdistan Region of Iraq), in addition to the participation of Dr. Ahmad Judy al-Jarrah from the Martyrs Foundation, and his research was entitled: ( Documentation mechanisms of the Martyrs Foundation).
The last participation was of Dr. Salar Abdullah with his research, which he presented, entitled: (Reflections of Violent Crimes and Extremism in the Iraqi Narration - A Systematic Vision), after which the door was opened for interventions to discuss the research papers that were presented during the session by the honorable professors.

It is noteworthy that the forum aims to exchange experiences and unify and combine efforts to document the crimes of extremism that the sons of Iraq have been subjected to, adopt scientific approaches to document extremism crimes, follow the correct mechanisms, learn about the most important challenges facing documentation processes and suggest ways to overcome them.
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