Ending the suffering of a child with congenital heart abnormalities at Al-Kafeel Network

The Heart Center at Al-Kafeel Super Speciality Hospital ended the suffering of a few months old girl from congenital heart abnormalities.

Dr. Ahmed Aboudi, director of the center, said: "the girl was suffering from a malformation of the heart after a large opening between the atria.”

He pointed out that" such operations include two parts, the first is the surgical procedure and the second follow-up in intensive care,“ adding ”The Heart Center at Al-Kafeel hospital was able to conduct successful operations in this area, because of the presence of advanced intensive care within the hospital".

"Intensive care at the hospital provided the ability to deal with children after the operation, as it is able to take care of the child regardless of his weight, health status and complications," said Dr. Aboudi.

He pointed out that "intensive care in the hospital provides advanced devices and trained staff, which helped many children to recover in a short time," pointing out that "the hospital has become a safe haven for children with heart abnormalities".
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