Saving a young woman from paralysis and straightening her spine at Al-Kafeel Hospital

A medical team at Al-Kafeel Super Speciality Hospital in Karbala succeeded in saving a twenty-year-old girl from paralysis in a qualitative operation, thanks to the techniques available in the hospital's operating rooms.

"We recently succeeded in fixing the vertebrae and adjusting the deviation of the spine of a patient in her twenties," said the specialist of Iranian neurosurgery Dr. Mohammad Zarei, in a press interview, explaining that "the patient was suffering from severe pain in the lower limbs with the inability to walk normally.”

Zarei explained that" the patient was prone to paralysis, and that the tests showed us that she had multiple slides, with a severe deviation in the spine, "pointing out that "during the operation, the vertebrae were fixed and a new artificial cartilage was implanted".

The neurosurgery specialist pointed out that "the modern and advanced technologies available in the operating rooms of Al-Kafeel hospital, have played an important role in the operation, including the neural tracking technology that is used to prevent any neurological damage to the patient during the operation".

"After the operation, the patient left the hospital and is in good health," Zarei said.
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