Requests from local and Arab institutions and individuals to acquire the index book according to the standard MARC 21 and rules RDA

The Center for cataloging and information systems of the library and the House of manuscripts of the al-Abbas's (p holy shrine, received many requests from institutions, libraries, researchers and specialists in library affairs, in order to obtain a copy of the book issued by the center under the title: (indexing manuscripts according to the standard MARC21 and the rules of RDA), in order to be considered a reference for the modern indexing of manuscripts.

The director of the center, which is one of the formations of the Department of intellectual and Cultural Affairs at the holy shrine, Sayed Hassanein al-Moussawi, stated Al-Kafeel Network: "this edition is the result of the efforts of the staff working in the center on these modern systems, in addition to making them available to those who wish to benefit from them, so it has become a demand and a destination for a number of local and Arab library institutions, researchers and specialists in this field".

"Among the requests we received for the acquisition of this edition was a request by the Lebanese National Library, where Professor Fatima al-Bazal explained that this book is one of the latest guidance books for those interested in cataloging manuscripts according to scientific rules, so they want to acquire an electronic copy and distribute it to those working in manuscripts in Lebanon," he added.

Al-Moussawi continued that "the echo of the book has also reached Cairo University, specifically the Institute of Arabic manuscripts, and Mr. Mohamed Fathi Abdel Hadi recommended his students to take advantage of it and study it, and take it as a scientific and Research Reference".

"We have received many of these requests and we are working to meet them and make them available to those who wish to benefit from them," he said.
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