Al-Abbas's (P) holy shrine farms supply the market with more than 175 tons of agricultural crops

The Department of Agricultural Affairs and livestock of Al-Kafeel company for public investments, one of the companies of the al-Abbas's (p) holy shrine, revealed that its farms have supplied the local market with more than (175) tons of agricultural crops within one year, and seeks to increase its area and product in the current year.

Ali Maz’al Layedh, head of the Department, stated to Al-Kafeel Network that "the farms of Khairat Aba al-Fadl al-Abbas (peace be upon him) are moving at a steady pace, and according to scientific and modern agricultural methods, which led to supplying the consumer with this amount of crops that varied between: (cucumbers – tomatoes – eggplant-peppers of all kinds-onions-trees), as well as leafy crops such as (green and red cabbage, red, yellow and white onions), and contributed to cover more than 20% of the market need and helped to reduce the need of the imported product".

He added that "the area planted with these crops is more than (100) agricultural dunums, distributed to more than (150) plastic houses with multiple and single space, and using modern agricultural methods and mechanisms starting from sowing to production, through fertilization and watering mechanisms and other things that helped to reach this production".

Layedh stressed that: "the produced crops are characterized by their quality because they are environmentally friendly crops (ipm), without the use of pesticides and chemical fertilizers, and the reliance on biocides and organic fertilizers produced by Khair Al-Joud company, which are products of benefit and nutritional value and environmentally friendly and proved successful as it gave the crop quality in taste, in addition to combating viral and fungal diseases and their suitability with the atmosphere of Iraq, which contributed to cover a large part of the market need".
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