Delegation from the German Institute for Antiquities Surprises to Find Priceless Valuables at the Alkafeel Museum

A View of the Visit
For the second time, a delegation from the German Institute for Antiquities visited the Alkafeel Museum for valuables and priceless manuscripts. All the members of the delegation admired so much in what they saw concerning the development and new ideas applied.

The valuables and manuscripts were fully described and explained to the delegation. The delegation came in order to be aware of the recent valuables and manuscripts displayed at the museum, in addition to see how the process of maintaining the valuables and manuscripts is performed especially when some Iraqis had been sent to Germany for a course on archeological maintenance.

Dr. Mecriti Van Iace said, “I have had the honor when came last year to the Alkafeel Museum and noticed. I am very interested in the Islamic antiquities especially when I operated in Berlin Museum for the Islamic antiquities. I really like the antiquities available at the Alkafeel Museum and the way they are displayed. We would love to wholeheartedly appreciate the invitation sent to us by the El-Abbas Holy Shrine. I also love the Iraqi heritage and I hope to maintain assistance in terms of maintaining the cultural heritage.”

Dr. Anist Heidtkov said, “Fourteen years ago I visited Kerbala, but this is the first visit for me to Alkafeel Museum. I really loved the antiquities and the mechanism of displaying the them in which they attract everybody’s attention. We actually noticed a great deal of care being taken of the antiquities.”

Dr. Martina Mo Lilrifener said, “We We visited the El-Abbas Holy Shrine last year and held talks with the management on displaying the antiquities which most of them had been presented to the Alkafeel Museum, as well as we heard that the El-Abbas Holy Shrine would build a great museum in the future, and we would love to happily offer our help to build a remarkable museum.”
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