The al-Abbas's (p) holy shrine establishes a desalination plant to serve residents and visitors

The water division of the Projects Department at the al-Abbas's (p) holy shrine announced the completion of the construction of an integrated desalination plant (R.O station), in one of the service sites of al-Alqami Service Complex on the road (Babylon-Karbala), to contribute to the provision of safe drinking water for residents of the region and visitors passing by this road.

Bassam al-Hashimi, the official of the said division, stated to Al-Kafeel Network that "the station has a production capacity of 2000 liters/ hour, which is highly operational, and all its materials are from respected sources, and it was provided with tanks with large capacity, to store what it produces of water on the one hand, and on the other hand to provide it with raw water in line with its operational capacity".

He added, "This station will provide residents of neighboring areas, because it is one of the areas that suffer from a shortage of safe drinking water, in addition to that, the station is located on one of the most important axes used by visitors, and is witnessing a large spread of Hussayni service processions. Thus it will provide them with the water they need, especially in the large seasons of Ziyarat, which witness a large consumption of drinking water either for dinking or for cooking food".
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