The experience of Al-Kafeel Institute for Learning-able Children has become a model

A delegation from the Directorate of Labor and Social Affairs and the Special Needs Care Authority in Karbala governorate visited the Al-Kafeel Institute for Learning-able Children of the Department of education and higher education at the al-Abbas's (p) holy shrine in order to learn about its successful experience throughout eleven years of caring for children with special needs, especially the category of learning-able (simple mental retardation).

The director of the Institute, Ms. Ismahan Ibrahim, stated to Al-Kafeel Network, "the delegation headed by the director of Labor and Social Affairs and the director of the Special Needs Care Authority in Karbala, Ms. Thawra al-Umawi, included a field tour in the halls of the institute, during which the delegation was briefed on the various programs and services provided by the Institute for children, such as training, rehabilitation, academic, behavioral, recreational and social programs, and listened to an explanation on the mechanisms of diagnosing children and their admission to the institute, as well as giving an overview of its services".

She explained that "the visiting delegation praised the Institute's products and programs, especially the means and programs of qualification and academic exclusivity, and they had positive reactions about the scientific structure of the curricula and the way they are distributed".

In the same context, Ms. al-Umawi explained, "during our tour today, we found efforts that seemed to be crowned with ambition and motivation; to develop the reality of care and rehabilitation for people with special needs in the community of Karbala, through the programs provided by the institute to the beneficiaries of its services, in addition to the continuous development of its staff to suit the best cases.”

She added, "There is a keen pursuit and concerted efforts; for the purpose of cooperation in building unified curricula in cooperation with the Al-Kafeel Institute, to maximize the benefit of special cases".
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