Khayr Al-Jood products.. Distinguished presence at Basra International comprehensive exhibition

Khayr Al-Jood company for modern industrial and agricultural technology of the al-Abbas's (p) holy shrine, registered a prominent presence during its participation in the activities of the Basra International comprehensive exhibition (trade fair session), which is currently held on the land of the port of al-Ma’qal.

"The company is always proactive to participate in exhibitions and shopping festivals, in order to be close to the consumer and listen to his views and suggestions regarding its products on the one hand, and to introduce them and show what has occurred in the production updates on the other hand, in addition to providing visitors to the exhibition what they need directly from the company," stated engineer Falah al-fatli, director of marketing and sales of the company to the Al-Kafeel Network.

He added, "The Pavilion presented a group of the company's products, which belong to the factory of detergents and sterilizers of all household, industrial and medical kinds, which were characterized by their quality and high efficiency, which was confirmed to us by the visitors of the pavilion, in addition to their suitability to the desire of the Iraqi consumer and their competition in quality to those in the market, and this is the result of the efforts made by the management of the company and its workers, in order to offer a product characterized by effectiveness, quality, efficiency and simple cost".

Many Basra families and exhibitors praised the quality of the products provided by Khayr Al-Jood Company, as it represented an important addition to the local market in terms of quality, as its products surpassed even imported products in terms of quality at subsidized price.
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