A basket of food products included in the pavilion of Noor Al-Kafeel Company at the Basra International comprehensive exhibition

The pavilion of Noor Al-Kafeel Company for food and animal products (a company of the al-Abbas's (p) holy shrine), participating in the activities of the Basra International comprehensive exhibition (trade fair session) currently held on the land of the port of al-Ma’qal, included a variety of food basket that combined animal products and food factories.

Participation in this international forum was an opportunity to introduce the company's products, because participation in such exhibitions is an important means for this purpose, as well as it is an important station to inform the visitors and other companies about these products, and the progress reached in the field of manufacturing food and animal products, which are characterized by high quality and conform to the standards of quality and health, and are subject to the Iraqi standardization and quality control.

Models of the company's animal products, such as red and white meat and its factories, as well as various food products, were presented in the pavilion. In addition the supervisors of the pavilion introduced each product and the way it is manufactured, and listen to the comments and opinions of consumers and write them down, for the purpose of discussion by the company's management, in order to meet their ambition and desire under these conditions.

Like the other pavilions of the al-Abbas's (p) holy shrine participating in the exhibition, the pavilion was a meeting point for visitors from families and exhibition guests, as well as representatives of participating companies.
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