Electronic Reference for Informatics exceeds 140 thousand research findings in various cognitive and scientific Sciences

The research findings of various scientific and humanitarian types filed on the website of the Electronic Reference for Informatics, reached (145) thousand scientific findings and quotes, by following modern methods in the process of quoting information from research and books, and making them available to researchers and specialists, saving them the trouble of research, whether in libraries or websites.

The director of the Electronic Reference Center for Informatics of the Department of intellectual and Cultural Affairs at the al-Abbas's (p) holy shrine; Mohammed Abdul Saheb al-Nasrawi, stated to Al-Kafeel Network, "since the establishment of the website, the center's staff have worked to keep abreast of the latest developments in science, and work constantly to update the website on the one hand, and provide each of its windows with new findings added to what is there on the other hand, and we have future development plans that we will work to implement them successively".

He added that " the site is characterized by modern technical characteristics, as it combines the idea of Advanced Research and sobriety of documentation, for the sources of obtaining accurate information in various scientific, religious and social disciplines, and contains a variety of specialties in the field of Islamic doctrines and Fiqh Sciences, as well as scientific and human sciences such as physics, mathematics, law, management and economics..".

Al-Nasrawi said that "the website also contains news and Islamic Cultural windows, and a view of the most important health, scientific and technological news and a window named (pens of various colors), in addition to a window related to the visuals, and all the mentioned indexed and classified electronic tab, easy to use and search free of charge with reference to the name of the author and the source, and this is what is done globally to preserve intellectual freedom, and this feature has made the site more informative".

He stressed "according to the statistics available to us, the beneficiaries of the website services were distributed between Iraq and abroad from Arab and Islamic countries, and the large percentage of entry was through the search engine global Google and Google Iraq, in addition to the rest of the other search engines".
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