Spring of Culture program for high school students launches its Summer Edition

The family culture center of the al-Abbas's (p) holy shrine announced the launch of its cultural program (spring of knowledge culture), dedicated to high school students [girls] in the province of Karbala, which aims to invest the summer holidays in a way that contributes to the development of their different skills and knowledge level.

"The current edition of the program is a complement to the previous series, and a large number of primary and secondary school students had benefited from it, and here we are today opening this edition, which came as an investment for the summer holiday, with a variety of activities that contribute to the advancement of the cultural and knowledge level of this segment," said the director of the center, Ms. Sarah al-Hafar to Al-Kafeel Network.

She added, "the activities of the program began with a guidance lecture entitled (steps of success and excellence) delivered by the preacher Zahra Fadel, in which she highlighted the importance of success and the most important ways to achieve it, explaining that success is a path filled with obstacles, but a persistent person who has a strong will and spirit of adventure and audacity, must be determined to reach his goal".

She pointed out "There was also a health lecture presented by Dr. Ghazwa al-Tamimi, in which she dealt with medical and health Commandments on nutrition. In addition to this lecture, there were other activities, such as a photo and Commentary presented by Ms. Adhra’ Ahmad, as well as holding cultural and intellectual competitions and artistic activities".

It is worth mentioning that the (spring of Knowledge Culture) program for school students is one of the programs that the center has always established, as a result of the demand and the desire of a large number of this category to participate in it, which called on the organizers to update its activities constantly, and provide it with all that contributes to the benefit of the participants, and to consolidate the family culture in the active society.
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