Al-Firdaws industrial potato planting project reflects an evolving reality of modern agriculture in Iraq

The delegation representing the company (GRIMME) specialized in the production of heavy farming equipment Inc. and (NORIKA) competent to produce potato, which are two German companies, along with Nahar Awrad company represented by Haj Sha’ban Nahar and Haj Abbas Radhi, visited al-Firdaws Agricultural Project of the al-Abbas’s (p) Holy Shrine, accompanied by the member of the board of Directors’ Haj Kadhem Abadah, who took a field trip for all the joints of the project within the allocated space for the production of industrial potato.

The director of al-Lewa brigade international company; Adel Malik stated to Al-Kafeel Network, that "the successes achieved by the al-Firdaws project during the past two years in the production of industrial potatoes, and despite all the obstacles we faced, the relevant authorities and companies from inside and outside Iraq visit the project, because it represents a wonderful success story deep in the desert".

He added that "the delegation was closely acquainted with the techniques and mechanisms used in the cultivation, production and harvesting of the potato crop, as well as noticed some problems faced by the project as well as it positive sides, but the successful work remains the one whose positives overcome the negatives, and this is what we worked on and succeeded, thanks to cooperation with specialists in this field, including Nahar al-Awrad company".

Malik stressed that "the visiting delegation has expressed its admiration for the project, explaining that today he has seen an integrated project and has a good management with a future outlook, and was able to overcome the difficulties it faced, stressing that this project has given and reflected a developed and modern reality of Agriculture in Iraq".
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