Al-Kafeel Center for information technology participates in the events of the exhibition GTX-I

Al-Kafeel Center for Information Technology, affiliated to Al-Kafeel University at the al-Abbas's (p) holy shrine, participated in the activities of the fourth edition of the conference and exhibition (GTX-I) of communications and information technology, which launched its activities this Wednesday morning on the ground of the Baghdad International Fair, with a variety of its digital and technological products.

The director of the center, Mr. Samer al-Safi, said that "our participation in this exhibition, which is the only exhibition of its kind in Iraq, is complementary to the previous participation, where our pavilion included a group of products of the center's staff, which are pure Iraqi technical products that proved their success, and we are constantly working to develop and update them to keep pace with the technological development in this field, and work to employ it according to the needs of the beneficiary, and to contribute to the trends of digital transformation in the world".

He added that " the center has many products, but we displayed a limited group of them, the most important of which was:

- Al-Sarraj e-learning platform, is an integrated educational platform recognized by the Ministry of education, aimed at developing educational institutions, and serves both: school administration - teacher - parents - student - educational supervisor. It is the oldest educational platform in Iraq, as it was launched in 2014 and achieved good results at the educational level.

- Electronic hospital management system, which is the first electronic system implemented in Iraq to manage hospitals and organize their work, and has proved successful in Al-Kafeel hospital.

- Al-Jood electronic archiving system, is a system that works to archive all documents, paper documents and audio and photo extensions of all types, to different formats and extensions to be stored in the form of electronic documents and archived electronically.

- System OS management of the university, is a system of administrative and educational integrated combination of systems and Information Management Students (Students Management Information System) with the systems of electronic education (E-Learning)".

Al-Safi explained that "our products are characterized by being constantly updated according to the requirements of the work, and all of them are applied in practice on the ground and have proven their success, and achieved a breakthrough in the areas of work in which they were used".

The pavilion witnessed visits by a number of exhibition visitors, who were briefed on the contents of the products and listened to a brief explanation by the organizers of the pavilion.
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