Four thousand students join the project of summer Quranic courses in al-Hindya

Al-Hindya district witnessed a great demand for the summer Quranic courses project, which is being held by the Holy Quran Institute of the al-Abbas's (p) holy shrine, where the number of students registered in the project reached more than (4000) students.

The students were distributed to (80) locations, including mosques and hussayniyat, in addition to some teachers ' homes in villages and kasbahs.

The branch of the Institute in the district of al-Hindya was keen to deliver its Quranic services to all its students, in order to achieve the vision of the project seeking to invest the summer holidays, in order to increase the cognitive and religious awareness of the children.

The number of professors of the project in the district of Hindya is (92) professors, teaching students lessons in recitation, memorization, jurisprudence, ethics, and biography.
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