Unveiling the release of the first documentary project of the Speicher massacre

This Thursday morning, as part of the Holy Defense fatwa festival, the first documentary project on the Speicher massacre was unveiled, issued by the Iraqi Center for the documentation of extremist crimes of the Department of Intellectual and Cultural Affairs at the al-Abbas's (p) holy shrine.

Dr. Abbas al-Quraishi, director of the Iraqi Center for the documentation of extremist crimes, said that "the initiation of this work to issue the Encyclopedia came to document the bloodshed, in which thousands of innocent people were killed, and it was completed after the center's staff completed the collection of documents related to the massacre, classified, archived and documented according to a scientific and knowledge methodology".

He added that "the documentation process came after the supreme religious authority confirmed the importance of documentation for the crimes of Takfiri gangs committed against the people of Iraq, and the al-Abbas's (p) holy shrine also had a precedent in documentation, by documenting everything related to the efficient defense fatwa through the issuance of the Encyclopedia of the Holy Defense fatwa, which consists of sixty-two parts.”

Al-Quraishi explained that "the encyclopedia was in twenty-three parts, documented all aspects of the massacre and included ten sections, in the following order:

The first section includes the names of the victims, their photos and details.

The second section deals with the testimonies of survivors and eyewitnesses.

The third section includes the names of the accused, arrest warrants and investigation.

The fourth section: it came in two parts, which included the statements of the accused and their confessions of committing the massacre.

The fifth section: dealing with judicial decisions issued against the perpetrators of the massacre.

The sixth section: it came in ten parts and included the anthropological examination of the victims and their relatives.

The seventh section: dealing with reports issued against the massacre, whether local or international.

The eighth section: it came in four parts, dealing with the Arab News in two parts, the English news and the French news that dealt with the massacre.

The ninth section is characterized by a photographic analysis of the massacre, in which the images of the massacre were explained and analyzed during the occurrence, and after the discovery of the mass graves that included the victims.

The tenth section: includes monitoring and documenting the annual commemoration events of the massacre inside and outside Iraq, for the period between 2014 and 2021.”

It is noteworthy that the Iraqi Center for the documentation of extremist crimes is a center specialized in documenting the crimes of extremism that Iraqis were subjected to in different time periods, especially the exterminations and violations that were the result of extremism and its behaviors.
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