Al-Kafeel apiaries enhance their production of natural honey and diversify its sources

Al-Kafeel apiaries Group, a subsidiary of Al-Kafeel Public Investment Company, one of the companies of the al-Abbas's (p) holy shrine, announced the enhancement of its production of natural honey and diversification of its nutrition sources, in addition to preserving Bee breeds with genes that are characterized by product quality.

The group's official, engineer Hassanein Mohammed, told Al-Kafeel Network that "since its establishment, the group has developed a plan to upgrade the product and work to keep pace with the development taking place in this sector, as it is one of the sectors that is constantly undergoing modernization and development, which has reflected positively on the quantity and type of honey produced, and has become one of the most important types produced in Karbala in particular and Iraq in general".

"We have worked over the past period to promote the product in addition to diversifying the sources of bee nutrition, preserving and multiplying the breeds of our group, as they are breeds characterized by product efficiency and quality, in addition to their resistance to weather and climatic conditions," he added.

"What distinguishes the honey produced in our apiaries is that it is 100% natural, depends on providing an agricultural environment for its production by electing agricultural sites inside and outside the province of Karbala, and according to nutrition sources such as Sidr, eucalyptus, alfalfa, jet, and sunflower, in addition to wild plants," Hassanein said.

Moreover, the use of modern mechanisms and methods of production and breeding is one of the reasons that help the quality of the product, pointing out that" the product was the focus of attention and praise from leading beekeepers and specialists in the country, who praised what is produced in terms of quality and purity, and other aspects that contributed to achieving this goal".

"The product is completely free of any additives, and has been subjected to laboratory testing compared to what is on the market, and has proven its effectiveness for its users, whether in the nutritional or health aspect," he concluded.
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