Children's heart surgery center at Al-Kafeel hospital: we have the ability to deal with various heart abnormalities

The Pediatric Heart Surgery Center at Al-Kafeel Super Speciality Hospital confirmed its ability to treat various heart abnormalities, regardless of the age and weight of the child, while pointing out the high success rate of operations.

The director of the Centre, Dr. Ahmad al-Aboudi, " heart surgery operations, especially for children, vary between simple, medium and complex, and all of them are performed first by the surgical procedure and then follow-up the case in intensive care, and here is the biggest helping factor in the success of our work," describing intensive care as "the decisive point in the success of those operations".

"We have the possibility and high ability to deal with the child after the operation, regardless of his age and weight, and control complications," al-Aboudi said.

"This success in operations is due to the availability of modern technologies, devices and medical and nursing expertise specialized in intensive care," he added, pointing out that "the hospital has achieved a high success rate in pediatric heart operations, and has turned into a safe haven for children with heart deformities".
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