The heritage of the prophets Institute opens its new academic season with more than 500 students

The Institute of the heritage of the prophets (peace be upon them) for e-Hawza Studies, affiliated to the Department of Intellectual and Cultural Affairs at the al-Abbas's (p) holy shrine, announced the opening of its new academic season in its preliminary stage, with the participation of (520) students from inside and outside Iraq.

The direct entry of students came after the completion of all registration procedures, which the institute opened last month, as well as the completion of the necessary preparations to start giving curricula for this stage, according to each department of the Institute for male and female students separately.

In a related context, the institute has completed the performance of the quarterly and final exams, for the rest of the academic stages in the first and second rounds in the months of Sha’ban and Shawwal, and the number of students who took the exam was (921) students. And the electronic exams were conducted with high flow amid turnout and interaction by students of the institute with good success rates.

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