Al-Kafeel women's religious schools conclude their final exams

Al-Kafeel women's religious schools affiliated to the al-Abbas's (p) holy shrine have concluded their final exams for the current academic year with the participation of hundreds of female students studying in 15 schools spread across a number of governorates of Iraq.

The head of the division of Al-Kafeel religious schools for women, Mrs. Bushra al-Kenani, said that "the final exams are the result of the efforts of the students and teaching staff during a full year of study, according to the curriculum prepared for each stage of study, and the division has sought to create an ideal environment and atmosphere to perform these exams, which contributes to achieving the best results".

She added that "the examination process was conducted smoothly amid great turnout and interaction by the students. And after its conclusion, the examination committees began correction work according to each stage under the supervision of a central committee specialized in this matter, provided it with all the necessary requirements to perform its work, and after the conclusion of the correction, we reached today the final stage before the announcement of the results, which is the final audit stage, which is also conducted by a specialized committee".
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