Stages of Devastation & Attacks against the El-Abbas Holy Shrine: Historical Glimpse, (Second Chapter)

El-Abbas Holy Shrine
Many attacks and devastation campaigns targeted the El-Abbas Holy Shrine by such as the El-Mutawakil El-Abbasi, who used to hate the Prince of believers Imam Ali Bin Abi Talib (PBUH), therefore he devastated the grave of Imam Hussein (PBUH) in 233 A.H. Although murdering the adorers of Ahlul-Bayt (PBUT) at that time, they came to the grave of Imam Hussein and rebuilt it and built houses around the grave.

The grave was devastated for the second time by the El-Mutawakil El-Abbasi, in 236 A.H. after he ordered to cultivate the ground where Imam Hussein is buried, in addition to devastating the houses around the grave.

In 237 A.H. he devastated the grave for the third time, after he heard that some of the adorers of Ahlul-Bayt (PBUT) were preparing to come as groups to offer pilgrimage to Imam Hussein (PBUH).

the insistence on offering pilgrimage to Imam Hussein (PBUH) increased and so many people started coming by all means. The El-Mutawakil El-Abbasi, heard that and devastated it for the fourth time after the adorers had built the grave and built markets and houses. Besides devastating the grave and all the real estates around, he stole the properties that belonged to the grave of the Imam Hussein (PBUH) and distributed them to his soldiers saying, “This grave does not need any properties.”

All the attacks targeted the grave of the Imam (PBUH) targeted the grave of the El-Abbas (PBUH) too.

In 858 A.H. the grave of Imam Hussein (PBUH) was destroyed by Ali Bin El-Fellah from Ahwaz, Iran. He ordered to break the lattice-enclosed tomb of the Imam Hussein (PBUH) and made it like a kitchen for his soldiers. He also stole all the properties of the two holy shrines.

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