Al-Kafeel Hospital: Restoring hearing to a child who has gradually lost his hearing

A medical team at Al-Kafeel Super Speciality Hospital in Karbala managed to treat an eight-year-old child with hearing loss and shortness of breath.

Dr. Adel al-Masoudi, a specialist in ear, nose and throat surgery at the hospital, said that "our medical team has succeeded in withdrawing gum fluids and implanting valves inside the tympanum," noting that "these valves are removed within a short period of time".

"After the tests, we found that there were fleshy growths extending from the nose to the mouth, causing a blockage in the hole in the upper roof of the mouth (Eustachian tube) as a result of pressure on it, with gummy fluid collecting inside the middle ear," al-Masoudi explained.

He pointed out that "such cases are difficult to operate if using simple materials in the operating theaters, but what encouraged us to conduct them are the techniques provided by Al-Kafeel hospital, including a special Periscope for this case, as well as other advances techniques and devices".

He pointed out that "these techniques enabled us to enter the nose and remove polyps," stressing that "the patient regained his normal health, with good hearing and normal breathing a few hours after the operation.”
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