The launch of the fifth edition of the Al-Furqan preliminary competition with the participation of 500 memorizers of the Holy Quran from five governorates

The women's Holy Quran Institute at the Al-Abbas's (p) holy shrine launched yesterday morning, Friday, 15 Dhu al-Hijjah 1443 AH, corresponding to July 15, 2022, the fifth edition of the activities of the preliminary women's Quranic competition for memorizing the Holy Quran, with the participation of 500 memorizers from all governorates of Iraq.

Mrs. Manar al-Jabouri, head of the Institute, stated to Al-Kafeel Network: "the competition aims to prepare female Quran memorizers and nominate them to participate in local and international Quranic competitions, as well as to stimulate the memorization of the Holy Quran and consolidate it in the minds of the memorizer, and discover Quranic abilities and talents. This edition was a continuation of the previous one and the good results it achieved, which reflected positively on the performance of the participants".

She added: "Today we are witnessing the fruits of years of striving and efforts in the way of the Holy Quran, where the ribbon of the first day of the competition was cut by 126 contestants from the province of Najaf, and which activities were held at the Institute's headquarters Hall. And we will continue to receive participants for six days, until the final stages of the competition, and according to a schedule and place set for this purpose, including travelling to the Institute's branches in the provinces, so that the memorizers of the Holy Quran can participate".

"The competition is being conducted smoothly under the supervision of a specialized jury, according to a plan prepared by the Institute in advance that provides all the amenities and a calm atmosphere for the competitors," Al-Jubouri stressed. She pointed out that: "this competition is not limited to female students of the institute, but is for the general memorizers of the Holy Quran, and that the institute is preparing to receive participants from the Iraqi provinces where there are no branches of the Institute".

It is noteworthy that the start of the competition since its first day was strong, and the competition is great among the contestants who passed the tests in front of the jury, and many Quranic talents with high potential in terms of memorizing, voice and melody have emerged.
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