Within a Great Ceremony, Banners of the Imam Hussein & the El-Abbas Holy Shrines Raised in Islamabad, Pakistan

Raising Banners
Within a great ceremony, the banners of the Imam Hussein and the El-Abbas Holy Shrines were raised in Al-Kauther University in Islamabad, Pakistan.

Such an activity was one of the activities of the cultural week held by the Imam Hussein Holy Shrine, in cooperation with the Al-Kauther University and the El-Abbas Holy Shrine.

Syed Afdhel Esh-Shami, the Deputy Secretary-General of the Imam Hussein Holy Shrine said, "Lady Zaineb (Peace Be Upon Her) said that the banner of the Imam Hussein would be immortally raised all over the world and throughout the ages, and now we witness the banner is raised in many countries all over the world where the adorers of Ahlul-Bay are everywhere weep for Imam Hussein in many languages."
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