The Center for African Studies holds a Ghadiri celebration in Nigeria and celebrates the maturity age of 100 girls

The Center for African Studies of the Department of Intellectual and Cultural Affairs at the Al-Abbas's (p) holy shrine organized a celebration of the Great Eid of Allah, Eid al-Ghadeer, in the Kaduna province of Nigeria on the continent of Africa.

"This year, the center has expanded its Eid Al-Ghadeer celebration activities, whether held inside Iraq for the African community or outside it in several African countries, including Nigeria, in order to highlight and remind this occasion and renew loyalty and allegiance to the Commander of the faithful, Imam Ali (peace be upon him)," said Mr. Muslim al-Jaberi about the center's reporting unit to Al-Kafeel Network.

He added that "the ceremony held in Kaduna province witnessed the presentation of several activities, including the raising of a blessed banner from the shrine of Aba al-Fadl al-Abbas (peace be upon him), in addition to celebrating (100) girls who reached the age of religious maturity".

"The celebration also witnessed other festive activities, such as the distribution of gifts to the girls participating in the celebration, as well as introducing the concept of religious maturity and sensing the important of the transitional period of their life and to be informed of their religious responsibilities and duties. This was amid the joy of the parents of these girls, so their joy was two joys, the joy of the Wilaya day and another of their daughters reaching the age of religious maturity," al-Jaberi continued.
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