Crowds of the Followers of Ahlul-Bayt (PBUT) Around the Stand of the El-Abbas Holy Shrine

At the Cultural Week held in Islamabad, Pakistan, the Stand of the El-abbas Holy Shrine witnessed great crowds around it, and that was due to the the intellectual, cultural, and spiritual products issued by the El-Abbas Holy Shrine.

Mr. Jassim As-Si’eady, the head of the delegation of the El-Abbas Holy Shrine said that the cultural week in Islamabad, Pakistan was honored by the banner of the El-Abass Holy Shrine, which had been displayed in the stand of the El-Abass Holy Shrine at the cultural week.

He then mentioned that the love and loyalty of people towards Ahlul-Bayt (Peace Be Upon Them) was very obvious.

Another banner of the El-abbas Holy Shrine was raised in the campus of Al-Kauther University, which created a great spiritual atmosphere for those who seek blessing through it. People began to take off their shoes respectfully before reaching the pole of the fluttering banner.
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