Preparing the gates of the Al-Abbas's (p) holy shrine in preparation for the condolence ritual of Rakdhat Twayreej

The staffs of the Al-Abbas's (p) holy shrine, under the supervision of its secretary-general; Sayed Mustafa Murtadha Dhea' al-Din, have begun the work of preparing its gates, from which the mourners will pass on the afternoon of the tenth of Muharram.

The assistant head of the holy courtyard department at the holy shrine; Sayed Zain al-Abideen al-Quraishi, stated to Al-Kafeel Network, "late last night, Friday, the preparation work for the gates of the Al-Abbas's (p) holy shrine began, which included covering the entrances' floor with a layer of sand as it is higher than the holy courtyard, and then the leveling work was carried out according to certain measurements, and then it was settled and covered with the red carpet".

He added,"in the preparation work, it was taken into account to ensure the ease and flow of movement of the mourners, and the absence of a stampede during the performance of their condolence ceremonies, and the absence of crowds or slipping while running, to ensure the absorption of the numbers of millions of mourners".

He pointed out that "based on the plan that was developed, three gates were identified for the entry of participants in the condolence ritual, namely the gate of Imam al-Hassan, Imam al-Hussayn, Imam al-Mahdi (peace be upon them) on the side of the square between the Two Holy Shrines, and the exit gates are each of al-Qibla, al-Ameer, al-'Alqami, Imam al-Hadi (peace be upon him) leading to the streets adjacent to the al-Abbas's (p) holy shrine".

He concluded that "these works are temporary and end with the end of the condolence ritual of Rakdhat [Run of] Twayreej, and then the same staff will begin to remove the carpets and the sand underneath".
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