Biographical Aspects About Lady Zaineb (Peace Be Upon Her)

Entrance to the El-Abbas Sanctuary

She is Zaineb, the daughter of Ali Bin Abi Talib. Her mother is Fatimatuz-Zehra, the daughter of Mohammed, the Prophet of Allah (Peace & Allah’s Blessings Be Upon Them). Her brothers are: Imam El-Hasan and Imam Husain, Muhsin, and Um Kelthoom (Peace Be Upon Them).

It was narrated that she was born in the fifth or in the sixth year after Hijra (Prophetic migration). It was also narrated by Ahlul-Bayt (Peace Be Upon Them) that she had been divinely named. She was raised among a family of the best knowledge ever. She was taught by the Prophet Mohammed and Imam Ali (Peace Be Upon Them). She should be that notable woman as long as she lived at the fountain of the best knowledge.

She had never ever been seen or heard by anyone due to her great decency. Whenever she needed to go to the grave of her grandfather Prophet Mohammed (Peace & Allah’s Blessings Be Upon Him & His Pure Lineage) in order to pay her respect, she was going at night, escorted by Imam Ali in front of her, Imam El-Hasan on her right side, and Imam Husain on her left side, and before she approached the grave, Imam Ali (Peace Be Upon Him) used to extinguish all lamps. Therefore, Imam El-Hasan once asked him about the reason of extinguishing all lamps, he said, “I am afraid that your sister might be seen.” If she (Peace Be Upon Her) visited Imam Husain (Peace Be Upon Him) he, respectfully, stood up for her and seated her in his seat.

Some of her epithets are:

1. the munificent woman of Bani Hashim tribe; she was the best and the most notable woman in the Arab and Islamic world, and with such an epithet, her lineage used to be called.

2. the knowledgeable, and the granddaughter of the Prophet Mohammed (Peace & Allah’s Blessings Be Upon Him & His Pure Lineage). She is one of the most knowledgeable women of the Prophet’s family, to whom so many women used to consult in terms of their religious issues.

3. the worshipper of Ali’s family; she was of the most recognizably female worshippers among all Muslims. Some historians narrate that she had offered supererogatory prayer at the most difficult and bitter night; the eleventh night of Ashura’.

4. the perfect; the most perfect women in Islam after her mother Fatimatuz-Zehra’, and her grandmother Khedeejeh, (Peace Be Upon Them) in terms of purity, chastity, and decency.

5. the honorable lady; the best of all Muslim women, especially in struggling and serving Islam.
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