The Department of Maintaining Order is implementing its security and organizational plan for the Ziyarat of Ashura

The Department of maintaining order at the Al-Abbas's (p) holy shrine announced that it has developed a security and service plan to protect visitors and provide a safe and reassuring atmosphere for them during the Ziyarat of the tenth of Muharram.

The assistant head of the aforementioned Department, Mr. Reda Naji al-Ameri, stated to Al-Kafeel Network that "the staff of our department has accumulated experience in how to deal with visitors arriving to visit these holy places, including the Ziyarat of the tenth of Muharram, for which preparations began early, and a number of details of our security plan have been implemented over the past days according to stages, up to the peak day and after the Ziyarat".

He added that "our staff and volunteers with them will work on many axes and areas, starting from inside the holy shrine to organize the flow of visitors' movement, condolence processions and the mourners participating in the Twayreej run, passing through the areas surrounding the Al-Abbas's (p) holy shrine, where they carry out field detection work, through modern and advanced devices or through surveillance cameras, to the outer areas of the city, which we share with the leadership of the Karbala police".

"During these days, we have intensified our intelligence effort by deploying groups of our cadres, in addition to deploying other groups to refute rumors and control any emergency that may occur, God forbid," Al-Ameri explained.

"The staff of the department has not only worked on the security side, but they were previously sent to courses to train them on how to deal with critical situations that they may encounter, such as suffocation, fainting and other cases, to perform first aid for visitors, and this is a new addition for our staff," he said.

"There is high coordination between our department and the Department of maintaining order at the Holy Shrine of Imam al-Hussayn (peace be upon him) and the Karbala Police Command, and all this aim to provide a safe and reassuring atmosphere for the visitor to perform his Ziyarat and condolence ceremonies," he concluded.
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