Servants of Maqam of Imam Mahdi (may Allah hasten his holy reappearance) distribute more than 15 thousand meals to visitors

The Department of Maqam of Imam al-Mahdi (may Allah hasten his holy reappearance) in Karbala province of the Al-Abbas's (p) holy shrine announced the distribution of more than (15 thousand) meals to visitors during the Ziyarat Ashura, in addition to thousands of boxes of healthy water.
The head of the mentioned Department, Mr. Adnan al-Dha'eef, stated to Al-Kafeel Network, "based on the directives of the general secretariat of the Al-Abbas's (p) holy shrine, to provide the best services to visitors during the Ziyarat Ashura, the staff of our department began to implement a service plan that is part of the service procedures of the holy shrine, and we have provided many services to everyone who came to this holy place.
He added, "one of the service additions this year is the honor of the staff of our department to distribute fast food to visitors, as we started this on the fifth of the Muharram, that is, at the beginning of the peak of the Ziyarat until after the tenthof Muharram. We distributed daily more than (3000) sandwiches, in addition to providing thousands of glasses of chilled water around the clock".
"We have set a schedule for the distribution of meals, as we have chosen rush hours for visitors intending to visit the holy Maqam, as this year the Maqam witnessed the influx of large numbers of visitors, and we were prepared to receive them and provide them with the appropriate atmosphere, to perform the ceremonies of their Ziyarat and their acts of worship,"he concluded.
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