The sermon of Fatima daughter of Imam al-Hussayn (peace be upon her) in the capital of her grandfather; Kufa

Fatima daughter of Imam al-Hussayn (peace be upon her) traveled with Imam al-Hussayn to Karbala, and lived the tragedy of Taf with all its bloody and tragic events, and she saw what happened on the day of Ashura to her father, her brothers, her uncles, her cousins, the good and loyal of her relatives and companions of her father, who were slaughtered and left in their blood on the hot sand of Karbala.

And at the dawn of the eleventh of Moharram, Umar bin Saad’s assistants came with camels so that the daughters of revelation and message ride them as captives to Kufa. And thus she bed farewell to the martyrs with tears and a gloomy heart, and was forced to go to the capital of her grandfather, the Master of the Faithful Ali (peace be upon him); Kufa and enter it as a captive, while Kufians looked at them careless of what they did to the holy Household of the Prophet (Allah's prayers be upon him and upon his holy Household).

This attitude urged the daughters of revelation and the message to speak up and show the truth in eloquent sermons, including the sermon of Fatima, the daughter of Imam al-Hussayn the martyr (peace be upon him), in which she said:

“All praise is for Allah. A praise which numbers more than the grains

of the sand and is weightier than the earth and Arsh (throne) combined. I praise Him, believe in him, trust Him and I testify that there is no god except Allah. He is alone and has no partner. Mohammad is His servant and messenger, and the Pure Offspring of Mohammad were slaughtered near the banks of the Euphrates River. O’Allah! You took from Your creation the promise of allegiance for the wilayat of Ali ibn Abi Talib (peace be upon him) and made this wajib (obligatory) upon them, but Your creation has broken this promise of allegiance. They usurped His (Imam Ali) right and martyred Him. Then they martyred His Son al-Hussayn.

O’Allah! You are well aware that My Grandfather was martyred

in onw of Allah's Houses (masjid) in the presence of other “muslims”. These “muslims” admitted to oppressing Ameerul Momineen (asws), but for Your sake My Grandfather (asws) was patient. He left this world but His attributes and greatness will remain for all of eternity and no one will ever be able to reach His status.

O’Allah! You are well aware of how My Grandfather (asws) protected Your tauheed (oneness) and Your Prophet (asws). He had no concern for this world. He fought in Your way. You chose Him and declared Him to be Your “Siratul Mustaqeem” (the right path).

O’people of Kufa! O’ cheaters! Allah tested you through Ahl al-Bayt (peace be upon them). Through Us, your iman (faith) was tested and verily, We are the successful of those who are tested. Allah has given His knowledge to Us and made Us as the trustees of His knowledge. We are the source of His wisdom. We are the hujjat (proof) of Allah upon the heavens and the earth. Allah honored Us and raised Our status before the creation through Muhammad (asws). You denied Us and committed kufr with Allah. You made slaughtering Us lawful and looted Our wealth. In your eyes, We were not the Offspring of the Messenger of Allah (asws). You treated Us as if We were a group of common rebels.

You martyred My Grandfather (asws) and your swords are dripping with the blood of Ahl al-Bayt (asws). For a very long time now, your hearts have been filled with hatred and animosity towards Us. You slaughtered Ahl al-Bayt (asws) and afterwards you rejoiced and celebrated. You attributed lies to Allah. You were deceitful and Allah does not allow those who are deceitful to succeed.

You committed every atrocity against Us and looted Our wealth, but you will not gain any benefit from this. Whatever We had to face in this world it was for the sake of Allah. Do not be pleased with the atrocities and acts of oppression which you committed against Us. Verily, Allah curses those who are proud and arrogant. May Allah destroy you. Soon the wrath and curse of Allah that has become your destiny will fall upon you. You will have to face the immense wrath of Allah. Verily, you will taste of its severity. May the curse of Allah be upon the oppressors.

Woe be upon you! We know those who obeyed Us and those who waged war against Us and those who came to Our support and those who abandoned Us, and you were amongst those who waged war against Us because your hearts have become impure from filth. Allah sealed your hearts, eyes, and ears. Shaitan became your leader and led you astray.

O’people of Kufa! May Allah destroy you! What wrong did the Messenger of Allah (asws) do against you that caused you to commit such atrocities against His Brother and My Grandfather Ali ibn Abi Talib (as) and to His Offspring (asws)? You felt pride in Our martyrdom and Our imprisonment. How can it be that this ummah (nation) can feel pride in slaughtering those whom Allah Himself made as Pure and kept all impurities from coming near to Them. Verily, every person will reap whatever he has sown. Woe be upon you! You became envious of Us because of the status and greatness which was bestowed upon Us by Allah. However, Allah blesses those whom He chooses. Those who were not created from Noor [light] can never be like those who were created from Noor. “

Then Kufians started crying and wailing, saying: It is enough, oh daughter of the good ones! Our hearts are burnt by your words."
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