Prince of Readers National Project resumes its third and final phase

The Amir Al-Qurra [Prince of Readers] National Project at the Quranic Projects Center, affiliated to the Scientific Complex of the Holy Quran at the Al-Abbas's (p) Holy Shrine, has resumed its third phase after a thirteen-day pause to commemorate Ashura.

Mohammed Reda al-Zubaidi, director of the Prince of Readers National Project, said that "the project resumed its third phase today, through which it will be found out the extent of the levels reached by the students readers in the previous period of the project, especially to know the level of students in mastering the Blessed Quranic recitation, because it is one of the most important Quranic goals of the project".

He added that" the project also focuses on the social aspect of students, by giving them many lessons in the moral and educational aspect, as well as the behavior that students should show in society, in addition to the basic tasks provided by the Prince of readers national project, "pointing out that "the project also includes cultural and religious programs for dear students".

"The main goal of the project is to create a generation for the future, to provide the Quranic arena with the young talents," said the director of the prince of readers national project.
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