Successful operation for a child with vocal cord paralysis at Al-Kafeel Hospital

A medical team from Al-Kafeel Super Speciality Hospital in Karbala announced its success in performing an operation on a 12-year-old child suffering from vocal cord paralysis.

"Our team successfully performed surgery on a 12-year-old child who suffered from vocal cord paralysis as a result of a previous neck operation," said otorhinolaryngologist Dr. Nadhem Imran.

He added that " the operation required prior preparations in terms of materials and medical techniques, to provide the conditions for its success, and it was carried out in the required form, "pointing out that "the hospital's techniques and the skill of the medical and nursing staff were a factor in that success".

"The medical team succeeded in treating the vocal cords of the child with the laser technology available at Al-Kafeel Super Speciality hospital, as well as using modern medical materials in the operation," Imran said.

He pointed out that " this operation was successful as a result of the skill of the surgical medical team, the anesthesia team and their assistants, " stressing that "the health status of the child after the operation was stable and he left the hospital".
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