The Holy Quran printing center is finishing a new edition of the Holy Quran

The Holy Quran Printing Center announced the completion of a new edition of the Holy Quran, with different specifications from the previous ones.

The director of the center, Sheikh Dia al-Din al-Zubaidi, said that "the Al-Abbas's (p) threshold has prepared the first Iraqi version of the Holy Quran, with Iraqi design and printing inside the country, and the center is also working on printing a new Quran in a clear font and another formation, different from the existing one, in which the letters are close and intertwined, which makes it difficult for non-Arabs to read it".

"This year's edition clarified the movements and spelling signs in the new Qur'an, and we improved the printing and calligraphy, so we have the sixth edition in a new size and a different way," Zubaidi said.

"We plan to work on the seventh edition, which will be for a special Qur'an with high clarity and larger size, which will see the light in 2023, God willing," he said.
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