Al Kafeel Super Speciality Hospital reveals having (12) operating theatres with the latest medical technologies

Al-Kafeel Super Speciality Hospital revealed having (12) operating theaters with the latest technologies, which facilitated the conduct of thousands of complex operations with great success rates.

Neurosurgery specialist Dr. Amjad al-Difa'i said, " neurosurgery operations are complex operations that require advanced devices and modern technologies to be successful."

As for the devices, he explained that "one of these devices is the patient monitoring device during operations, which is specialized in monitoring the vital activities of the brain and body," adding "other advanced devices used in the hospital are microscope devices that facilitated major operations".

"There is a Koza device that is used to remove tumors from the brain and relies on the ultrasonic Vibration System and destroys the tumor during the operation and pulls it out, and this device shortened the time of operations for us a lot," Dr. al-Difa'i added.

He pointed out that " the presence of a brain endoscope device, which is used in some brain tumors or fluid collection in the head, and making an opening under the skull and pull it out, "pointing out that" the availability of vital activity monitoring devices during spinal cord and vertebrae operations to avoid nerve damage, "indicated that "all these devices are from well-known companies in the field of medical technologies."
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