The “Haqeebat al-Mu'min” App launches a new service and updates

The "Haqeebat al-Mu'min" App Center announced the launch of a new service in preparation for the Ziyarat Arba'een, in addition to updating its previous services.

The director of the center, Mr. Ali al-Jayashi, said that "this year the center has added a service for guiding the lost to help visitors during the Ziyarat Arba'een".

He added that "the new service will enable parents to enter photos of their children or their relatives in the application through the window dedicated to guiding the lost and in case of loss, one of them can go to one of the information points distributed on the road and find them quickly and easily".

Al-Jayashi also indictated "when the parent goes to the information point, the volunteer of "Guiding the Lost" will request the photo of the lost visitor and search for it in the database, and match it with the photos in the Haqeebat al-Mu'min application system, and during this process the child's information will appear such as his full name, parent's phone number and his city or country of origin".

According to its director, the center launched "the Walking Meter" Service for visitors last year, as this service calculates the steps of the visitor, from his starting point to the shrine of Imam al-Hussayn (peace be upon him), and the acting walking service, which is intended for those who cannot perform the Ziyarat.

"The step counter service has witnessed a number of improvements this year, most notably increasing the accuracy of Statistics and the number of steps per day, and sharing them with friends on social media platforms," Al-jayashi pointed out.
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