El-Abbas’s Righ-Hand Sanctuary is an Evidence of the At-Taf Fierce Battle

Pilgrims Around the Sanctuary

In such a holy land; Kerbala, which has a great rank before Almighty Allah, there are many sanctuaries which narrate an event they are related to.

It’s been narrated that while El-Abbas (Peace Be Upon Him) was coming back to the tents where the wherein the family of Imam Hussein (Peace Be Upon Them) were waiting for the water to quench their three-day thirst, two of the army of disbelievers were hiding behind a date tree, and then they suddenly appeared, attacking him hideously and cut El-Anbbas’s right hand. The position where the right hand was cut is now a sanctuary, where so many pilgrims offer pilgrimage to it. The right hand was buried with the holy body of the El-Abbas (Peace Be Upon Him). The sanctuary is located to the North East of the El-Abbas Holy Shrine.

There is another sanctuary of the left hand of the El-Abbas (Peace Be Upon Him). It is also offered pilgrimage by so many pilgrims every single day.

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