The media department publishes semantic boards for important places

The media department has published a set of semantic plaques on some streets and important sites in the Old City, in order to serve and help visitors.

The head of the preventive media center, Mr. Jassam Mohammed al-Saidi, said,"the preventive Media Center, in cooperation with the Al-Kafeel International Center for Culture and media, the Center for industries and crafts and the Al-Kafeel Center for printing and advertising, has initiated the creation of signboards for important areas in the old district, shrines and main streets, in four languages, namely Arabic, Persian, English and Urdu.

"We have worked on this in order to alleviate the suffering of visitors, who face difficulty because they do not know many important places, so it is easier for them to perform Ziyarat ceremonies or even on their way back," he added.

"There is a second stage that includes the deployment of fixed plates made of lacquer, acrylic and phosphorescent printing, so that these signs are permanent," al-Saidi said.
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