Al-Qamar Cultural Center opens two intellectual stations for visitors of Arba'een in Karbala

The Al-Qamar Center of the Department of Intellectual and Cultural Affairs at the Al-Abbas's (p) holy shrine has opened two intellectual stations for visitors of the Arba'een in Karbala.

The director of the center, Sheikh Harith al-Dahi, said, "the two stations are interested in all intellectual and cultural aspects, as the center opened its first station in front of its headquarters located on Saadia Street and some of its cadres were allocated to manage it," adding,"the lecturers of the center began to provide workshops and intellectual consultations in religious, social and educational aspects."

"The second station is located at Al-Ameed university, located on the Karbala-Najaf axis, which included all workshops, consultations and the treatment of intellectual suspicions," Al-Dahi explained.

The director of the center continued, "the center performs this activity intensively based on its basic tasks and its constant interests in serving the community of all segments, especially young people".

The Al-Qamar forum is an intellectual educational forum that targets many social strata and groups, and aims to face religious, cultural and social challenges, and contribute to confronting them using modern scientific methods and mechanisms, away from fanaticism that lead to negative results and lead to harm the society.
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